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Weber Ebooks

Platform for converting PDF to Flash flipbook

This project consisted of creating a online platform where users were able to upload PDF documents and convert them into a Flash Flipbook.

We already had a flash component that was creating the Flipbook from a XML file and images.

So what we did was to create the background process that after uploading the PDF it would extract the text, convert each page into a image and then generate the XML file required by the component with all data put together.

A category management system has been built and a gallery with all the uploaded ebooks that users could browse and see.

Also a user-control system was implemented with two levels of access, users and administrators, and only logged users could upload new documents.

Finally, the Flipbook once opened, you could update it, delete it, or get the HTML code to embedd the Flash movie inside another page.

The Flipbook also offered functionality such as Table of contents, Text search, Go to a page and Print.