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Book your Bed and Breakfast in Copenhagen

This project was very interesting in a lot of aspects.

At first the website's owner used one of our free website templates and needed some help adjusting some CSS code.

Next, he said he would like to redesign the whole website, and we've accepted the challenge and started the project.

It was a challenge because his website was using a Booking Software that had absolutely no support for templating and it was done in classic PHP way by mixing PHP/HTML/SQL/Javascript in one file, and so it was very hard to change the design.

So what we actually did was to first to create a wireframe in Fireworks and tweak it with the client's feedback until all design details were discussed and adjusted.

Next we coded it to HTML and CSS and integrated it into the code of the booking software the website was using, and the challenge was to do it without breaking anything.

After a while when our client showed the new website's look to the company from where he got the Booking Software, they were very surprised about how we've manage to change the look of their software and they congratulated him for his new website design.

And the last thing to add would be that, the developer working on this project was based in Barcelona, Spain and the client in Copenhagen, Denmark. We did not knew eachother before, we never meet in person and we never did a phone or video conference.

We did all the communication on email, the client trusted in the developer, and the work was successfully delivered on time.