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Web interface for submitting tickets to OTRS help desk

For this project we had to create a custom web interface for submitting support tickets to the OTRS help desk system.

The application asks the user to choose the category where he wants to place the ticket and based on what he chooses the contact form on the last page will display different form fields for every category.

The administrator can login and manage the categories.

There can be unlimited number of categories of different levels of depth.

In every last category the administrator can define the custom fields that he wants to show on the contact form for that category.

Fields can be of types, input, select, and textareas, and he can define the labels and the values of every field.

So basically, this application forwards the user to the right category, depending on that, shows a different kind of contact form, and in the end, the ticket it is sent to the OTRS platform with the corresponding fields.